Dominic started SCAD 2011, by 2013 he was selected for the cinematography fellowship by the EMMY academy of television arts and science foundation. Fellowship and reel allowed him to shadow Joaquin Sedillo on the FOX television show Glee where he ended up working as a camera PA for the remainder of the season once the fellowship ended. 

After graduating and completing Masters Art at SCAD while in that program in 2014, he spent the next few years as a camera assistant on projects with several cinematographers in different styles of production; from Commercials, TV Shows, Music Videos, and indie Feature Films.

Over the course of those years he gained the support from a few cinematographers to mentor him. These mentors have pushed Dominic to develop his own style, and how to lead multiple departments and properly delegate information to work efficiently.

Dominic uses stills photography on 35mm film as a way to develop his lighting and exposure styles.